Executive Mentorship

PROVEN LEADERSHIP. When you’re headed into the Board Room, bring a proven leader with you to help you think more clearly. You’ll make your best decisions.

You never have to go it alone.



Whether helping you to craft your story, position your story, or guiding you to share your story-my vast level of experience and my intuitive thought process allows your unique story to be fully heard.



With decades of proven Business leadership success, I can easily talk the talk. I’ve been in the boardroom, situation room, collaborated, and succeeded. I’ll share my experience, so you'll make better decisions to optimize sales results.



Passionate, intelligent, keenly intuitive, client-focused, and fully engaged…your message truly does matter. You’ll hear, see, and feel the benefits of my engaging sound and presence.


Over 30+ years of proven Broadcast Media Ad Sales experience, merged with cutting-edge current strategies to deliver your best self to any game day or boardroom situation. Because I have been in your shoes, you get the experience and communications blueprint needed to come out on top.

Optimize your Team’s Results

It’s not just you who stands to gain or lose from poor decisions or poor communication- you also risk losing your team, if you are not communicating your message clearly and on point. Don’t risk your company’s future. This proven Executive leader will help you to land your plane. 

Elevate your Status

Communicating effectively, while withstanding the pressure of boardroom, client meetings, or other pressure-packed situations; is the strongest way for you to level up to your highest potential when presenting and leading. Never let them see you sweat.

When your content is tight, and your mindset is right – you’ll move mountains with your voice!

Listen on Spotify

As you seek to find your most authentic and true voice- we deliver a Podcast with powerhouse guests (from all walks of life) who have walked in your shoes. The Podcast is THE HOME to help you find your best business voice (your most authentic voice.)

Join us on Your Message Received to be entertained, inspired, and feel the positive energy delivered on the show.


“This (the audiobook narration) is everything that I needed. The book sounds great. Thank you so much for your help. You have been so willing to help and get things right. I feel more fired up about getting this book out there after working with you. It was a better experience than I could have imagined.”
Don M Haney
"John was a pleasure to work with. He's receptive to feedback and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure producers and clients are happy. I look forward to collaborating with him again.”
Lisa Leonard
Voice Actor/Producer
“John Duffin rocks! Big thank you to him for his awesome voice over work! He did a great job from start to finish. John’s fantastic attitude, ability to take direction, responsiveness and attention to detail made him easy to work with. His delivery exceeded our expectations and his professionalism is top notch. John is a real pro and I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Geoffrey Klein
Founder, President, CEO nine dots
“For the ten years I’ve known John, he has provided forward-thinking, wise counsel that has encouraged me to lead and manage teams with my best self. And his proven communications strategies and tactics have enabled me to be exponentially more effective in both my external- and internal- customer relationships. If you want to deliver more impactful messages and instill why they matter- to most any audience-you should work with John.”
Keith E. Norman
Head of Political & Enterprise Sales, PREMION