Hey folks, John Duffin here… DuffinMedia.

Welcome your Workout Wednesday!

Tips, techniques, strategies to keep us muscling through the given week.

Here’s a tip for the day for you.

I just learned again the easy way… how well this works.

When you are looking for help… go help somebody.

Look, everybody is looking for help right now… and when I hit a wall

and when I really need something…

the fastest way for me to get back on track… to get back on center… is to help someone.

I just was reminded of that today… and help came back over and over and over.

I’m not kidding. There’s no scientific strategy to this.

It just works. Trust me on this one.

You need help… go help somebody.

Folks. Let’s keep working. Have a great day all. Help somebody. Bye.

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