Cheers all! John Duffin DuffinMedia.

Welcome to your Workout Wednesday!

Tips, techniques, strategies…to keep us muscling through a given week.

As I’m running your voice overs to the finish,

I am also muscling through the following…

Auditions- this afternoon- several.

In addition, I’m recording my new

Podcast…called Your Message Received.

Have you heard about it yet?

Next Podcast episode getting ready to launch… Titled… Stay in Your Lane. You’ll Get There Faster

more to follow on that folks… and also too

lead generation… finishing my commitment for the day.

They’re my top three. Everything else is going to get delegated or pushed to the side.

Keep working folks Oh, and meantime, let’s take a trip outside. (Cut to outside running clip!)

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!

Trev. How you? #MileADay Day five

Yeah, you keep working and I’m getting my workout in running too!

Keep going folks. We got a lot of day left. Bye!

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