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Hey folks, John Duffin here. DuffinMedia.

Welcome to your Workout Wednesday!

I just got off of a webinar..

Great Intel from Joshua Smith. Look him up on YouTube Joshua Smith… “GSD Mode

and for me, here’s one takeaway that I’ll be focusing on in the coming days and weeks

which is having a true sense of urgency and I’m going to add one more thing,

which is…do not let urgency intimidate you!

Let it motivate you, let it educate you.

I will be now doing the math.  Very simply… here’s one example,

if the average age of longevity is 84 years old subtract your age from it.

that’s the number of productive years you’ve got…

make them count!

I’ll be breaking it down over the next several days and weeks

to make certain that my 2021 vision matches my longevity.

Folks keep working and have a great day.

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