Your Message Received… The Launch

Welcome to Episode 1 of “Your Message Received!”

Finding your business voice

Hey folks, John Duffin here, DuffinMedia.

Your Message Received is a podcast-
especially created to help you succeed, by finding your business voice!
Using your voice to successfully communicate
as it relates to business communications.
You may be thinking, well… what gives me the platform to be able to do that?
Well, first off, thanks for choosing this platform.
Here’s a couple of little things about me.
So I happen to be a voiceover professional.
I have a company DuffinMedia, that specializes in voiceover,
voice acting, audiobook, e-learning, explainer video…
You name it- I’m doing it!
Also, I happen to be the same person who has 28 plus years of successful Broadcast, Digital, and Experiential media sales background.
I also am a Licensed Realtor…
What does that mean?
I use my voice a LOT!
I have delivered voice presentations in business, for 28 years:
from corporate board rooms, to conference room tables, to annual meetings, to one-on-ones…living room sofas…
and everywhere in between.
What I’m going to be able to show you…
Are the advantages that you can look forward to…,
when you use your voice effectively.
So, this is not necessarily how to get a better voice.
This is not singing lessons.
There are people that can do that. That’s not me.
This is not necessarily voiceover training,
but there will be voiceover techniques…
that we can utilize to help crack the code in business.
This is presentation. This is not crafting a presentation.
This is delivering a presentation.
So what are we focusing on? Well,
let me give you a few examples as to why… humor me.
Picture this… you’re talking to siblings, significant other, partner, spouse, friend-somebody close.
Okay, picture the fact…and you’re looking at their expression,
when you’re speaking, and they’re looking at you incredulously like…
their facial reactions, their body language, have nothing whatsoever to do with what you’re saying.
You’re sitting there and in horror- so to speak- thinking to yourself…
that they’re not grasping this; they’re not getting this:
and you know, damn well, it’s not an intelligence issue.
This is not a receptivity issue.
Again, this is somebody close to you.
This is somebody who wants to support you
and you see that face, and you just don’t know what to do.
OK, Let me give you a second example,
you’re presenting at an annual meeting to your largest client.
You’re there with your support team…
and you’ve killed yourself buttoning up these presentations.
You’ve rehearsed this, you’ve changed line items,
you’ve added a million things;
and now… it’s time to deliver… and you can’t speak.
Literally. you cannot speak. I don’t mean you’re hoarse.
I mean your voice is gone. Now the written materials are right there.
Somebody else could read it out loud for you, but it’s not your voice.
Now, let me give you one more example.
Imagine this! You’re at a major industry Event…
and every large vendor and potential client is in the room
and you’re presenting a showcase to this group…
and this time:
you hear laughter at the right time when you speak.
You hear a large burst of applause at the end…
and people are coming up to you after that…
saying I’ve never heard you speak better.
I’ve never heard to speak more slowly.
I’ve never seen you in more command.
Everything that was said it sounded like a conversation.
But let me tell you…if you’re me…you don’t have to imagine any one of those things…
because I’ve lived them.
So that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you.
So over the next several episodes,
what we’ll talk about- is form, technique,
and ways that you can continue to be you… but at your best…Vocally…
get what you want, get that message across.
You can make certain there’s NO money left on the table…
Develop and enhance your business relationships…
and escalate your performance, while exceeding your goals…
Why- because of the command in your voice is saying you will do so.
More importantly, the people receiving that message will think…

let’s take them seriously; I like them; they get it, they understand…

and a lot of this is in the way. that you say it.

It’s in your voice. And that’s what I’m here to do.
So join me… for Your Message Received.

Look…we’re going to go outside your comfort zone,

but we’re going to stay within your range… and that’s how you’re going to succeed.

It’s your voice. It’s all you… just at your best.

So feel free to join me over these next several chapters.

Thanks so much for joining me today. Can’t wait to get back to you on the next episode.

Be well. John Duffin. DuffinMedia. Have a great day.

and we’re going to run those voiceovers to the Finish. We’re going to run your voice to success. Your message will be received.

Thanks so much. Have a great day all… bye.


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